About Nearthlab

Nearthlab provides meaningful data using proprietary AI-based autonomous solution

Adding a new perspective
to the world through drones

In the future, drones will play a role in looking at the world from a closer distance than satellites, providing a new perspective.

As satellites provided a new perspective from low earth orbit, Nearthlab collects and analyzes data from "Near Earth". Our company vision of providing "Drone Driven Data" will help create a meaningful new perspective.

Near Earth laboratory

Nearthlab is an autonomous drone solution company that focuses on using artificial intelligence for blade inspection

With Nearthlab’s unmatched technological expertise, we offer customized inspection technology optimized for wind turbine sites, both onshore and offshore. Based on this, we create standards for industrial drones with a new paradigm in the field of blade inspection.

Nearthlab provides immediate data through deep learning-based data analysis

Nearthlab is expanding its technology into deep
learning-based data analysis, which allows for
fast and accurate decision making in industrial sites.