Nearthlab Brings Cutting-Edge Plug-and-Play Technology to Latin America


Leading provider of autonomous drone solutions bracing to upscale global operations after the successful deployment of its latest flagship solution NearthWIND Mobile in South America

Dec. 15, 2022 – Nearthlab, a leading provider of autonomous drone solutions, announced that it has wrapped up rounds of inspections in Latin America spearheaded by NearthWIND Mobile, an award-winning plug-and-play solution that turns off-the-shelf products into autonomous inspection drones tethered to a smart device. This is the first time standard commercial drones were relied upon as means of carrying out full-scale inspections within the region.

Inspections revolved around distant wind farms ridden with accessibility issues and logistical pitfalls. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, NearthWIND Mobile made its presence felt, taking no more than an average of five minutes to survey a 200-foot rotor blade.

“Making a dry run in the land of extremes felt like a tall order, to say the least,” said Jay Choi, co-founder and CEO. “But now that NearthWIND Mobile is gaining traction as a tried-and-true solution among operators who had long been putting up with the strictest of customs and drone regulations, the prospect of NearthWIND Mobile becoming the new black of wind O&M seems brighter than ever.”

To remain headstrong amid the exponential growth of renewable energy, wind farms must learn to harness the power of ultra-portable drone solution that gives way to ad hoc checkups. NearthWIND Mobile is committed to helping operators conduct inspections on the fly without leaving a budgetary dent or spending countless hours sorting through all sorts of logistical complications imposed by the size and weight of industrial-grade UAVs.

Introduced across Europe and now North America, NearthWIND Mobile is gearing up to seriously expand its global footprint in the coming year.


About Nearthlab

Nearthlab is an AI-powered autonomous inspection platform for infrastructure inspection facilities. Since its launch in 2015, the company has helped wind farms around the world automate and optimize blade inspections.

Nearthlab leverages cutting-edge technologies to bypass inefficiencies at inspection sites and streamline the digital transformation of industrial asset management. With extensive experience in blade inspections, Nearthlab’s autonomous drone takes no more than fifteen minutes to carry out an out-and-out inspection.

The data collected from the inspection is uploaded onto Zoomable – Nearthlab’s cloud-based analytics platform – to be remolded into jewels of insights needed to optimize O&M procedures.

Leading energy corporations have selected Nearthlab as their autonomous drone solution provider. Make inspection easy with drone-driven data.

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