Image Deep Learning Data Analysis Technology

Nearthlab efficiently analyzes large image data with own AI algorithm.

Data Analysis

AI Big Data Analysis for
Accurate Information
The data gathered from each sensor is synchronized with the drone's location and position. This is then saved in the database of the internal computer. All collected data is sent to the Nearthlab data platform, Zoomable, where Nearthlab’s original AI algorithm automatically identifies the size, type, and severity of defects before providing detailed and accurate information. This allows preemptive maintenance recommendations.

In addition, each image taken comes with precise location data. After our AI has analyzed the images for defects, it creates a report with suggestions for preemptive maintenance which can be easily carried out using the location from the images.
Data Platform for
Efficient Data Management and Analysis
To improve the usability of the data, Nearthlab provides a web platform that allows all of the data to be accessed online anytime, anywhere. High-definition images can be easily accessed using the web platform. Additionally, our data analysis system automatically creates useful statistics to identify trends and recurring issues. The platform integrates historical images of the blades in a time series to allow for comprehensive inspection and analysis of blade status. This allows for effective asset management.