Autonomous Drone

Make Inspection Easy

By combining drones and autonomous flight technology,
Nearthlab is simplifying one of the industries most complicated tasks.

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    Inspection That Minimizes
    Manual Assistance

    Nearthlab developed Nearthwind, a AI based autonomous drone
    that is specialized for wind turbine inspection.

    Nearthwind uses AI filming capability to independently spot defects and
    collect data while following a preprogrammed route.
    Additional features include collision prevention and close proximity flight,
    which allows the drone to maintain a set distance from objects automatically.

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    A Drone Solution Optimized
    for Blade Inspection

    Nearthwind enables safe and hassle-free inspection for both onshore and offshore wind turbines.

    With years of experience conducting inspections across the globe, Nearthlab’s drone development and operation experts can ensure reliable inspections in even the toughest environments.

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    Autonomous Drone That Is Simple
    and Easy to Maneuver

    Nearthwind autonomously recognizes and flies along the wind turbine
    blades while completing precise inspections.
    Thus, anyone who is unfamiliar with the technology can easily fly our drone
    after undergoing a simple one-week training session.