Cutting Edge
Flight Control Technology

Nearthlab provides the highest level of precision control even in challenging environments

Precise Robust
Flight Control

Unmatched Flight Control Technology
Unlike ordinary drones, industrial drones are exposed to harsh environmental conditions depending on the site location. Additionally, industrial drones must conduct complex tasks requiring precise and robust flight control.

Nearthlab has the highest level of flight control technology for precise control, developed by a team of engineers who have masters and doctorate degrees from a variety of top-class global universities with diverse experiences in drone applications such as satellites, military drones and missiles.
Reliable Flight Technology
Optimized for Any Wind Farm
Precision flight technology designed by Nearthlab’s engineers allows the drone to reliably fly at any wind farm. Malfunctions are detected in real-time and multiple safety redundancies are included. Reliability is further enhanced through protection from water, dust and extreme temperatures.

Nearthlab also created our own flight control computer from scratch, allowing us to control the drone flight path with precision of centimeters.

Such capabilities cannot be achieved simply through skill. Our years of blade inspection data collection have allowed us to amass an extensive amount of experience and information to perfect our capabilities.