Data Platform

Smart Analytics Platform

All photos taken by Nearthwind are securely uploaded to the server,
which can be managed online anywhere, anytime.

  • 01

    A Cloud-Based Data Solution to
    Efficiently Manage Big Data

    Nearthlab provides a cloud-based data solution that allows high
    volumes of data (photos) which can reach tens of gigabytes(GB) to be
    collected, viewed and managed efficiently.

  • 02

    Data Aquisition

    Zoomable automatically visualizes the shape of the blade by reconstructing photos collected by Nearthwind. Through this process, its AI system automatically calculates the actual location and size of defects and can be magnified for up close inspection as small as 0.3mm.

    Inspectors can utilize this data to analyze and diagnose issues with the blade. Changes in these defects can be examined over time, allowing for YoY comparison.

  • 03

    Data Management

    Using the dashboard, inspectors can easily monitor status and
    inspection results of the entire site.

    Users can conduct multifaceted analysis and diagnostics as needed and
    manage defects directly on the portal by sharing feedback between users.

  • 04

    Automatic Damage Detection

    Nearthlab is currently developing technology that automatically detects and reports damage on the blade straight from the photos. If this technology is used, inspectors can instantaneously identify damage and determine corrective actions.