NearthWIND Mobile

Plug-and-Play Mobile Solution

An award-winning solution that turns standard commercial drones
into autonomous inspection drones tethered to a smart device

  • 01

    Breaking Down Barriers to Inspection

    Inspections shouldn’t feel like a costly and drawn-out process.
    Thanks to NearthWIND Mobile, which empowers standard commercial drones
    to carry out the task, performing inspections are now as easy as purchasing
    a standard commercial drone and downloading an app. Nearthab’s deep
    learning-based flight control and object recognition algorithms allow
    inspections to be done autonomously with minimal supervision.

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    Unmatched Convenience and Portability

    Off-the-shelf drones weigh around a pound. Not only is it much easier to carry them around, but they are also free of logistical hassles imposed by the size and weight of industrial-grade drones. The sheer availability of commercial drones allows for inspections to be done on the fly. Analyzing inspection results is just as seamless as images collected are transferred to Zoomable, Nearthlab’s all-in-one cloud platform.

  • 03

    Inspection as a Cost-Saving Strategy

    NearthWIND Mobile has turned inspections into a cost-saving measure
    by drastically reducing the amount of resources that go into procuring
    the equipment and by overcoming logistical constraints. This allows site
    managers to conduct inspections on an ad hoc basis so that they can look
    after damaged parts in a timely manner, which goes far to minimize
    unplanned downtime costs.

    NearthWIND Mobile is set to expand its footprint, starting with regions
    characterized by strict customs and drone regulations and eventually
    growing into a helping hand for wind farms worldwide in saving inspection
    costs and streamlining O&M workflows.