Intelligent Blade Inspection

Nearthlab’s program gives you complete flexibility without compromising on inspection quality

Hassle Free Inspection

Our drones leverage state of the art AI technology for hassle free
inspection. Its stable performance allows for it to collect highly accurate
and consistent inspection data.

Professional Pilots

We have in-house professional pilots across the globe who have the
necessary qualifications both onshore and offshore to perform the

  • 600+

    Photos Per Unit

  • 0.3mm

    Minimum Detectable Defect Size

  • 4,500Megapixels

    High-Resolution Inspection Data
    (5 times better than 4K video)

Benefits of
Our Services

  • One-button from start to finish

  • Safe and efficient inspection

  • Increased profitability due to
    shorter downtime

  • Quantitative decision-making

  • Easy access to your data

  • Convenient report management

Which one is
right for you?

  • If you have a high
    number of turbines

    it will be more economically
    beneficial to choose a drone leasing
    program. if you have more turbines
    to be inspected.

  • If you have drone

    We recommend customers to
    have drone inspection service
    experience and have some
    understanding of drone
    inspections to choose a lease

  • If it is the first

    For customers who are
    considering drone inspection
    for the first time, we recommend
    you to receive our service first
    before committing to
    drone leasing.

  • If it is for offshore inspection

    Offshore drone inspection is
    significantly more challenging than
    onshore, thus the pilot needs to be
    an experienced drone pilot in order to
    handle the unforeseen conditions.

Let’s discuss how our solutions can help you.

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While NAES partnered with Nearthlab to focus on quantifying damages from leading edge erosion,
Nearthlab’s technology provided high resolution details of issues found anywhere on the blade,
with an average inspection time of 15 minutes per turbine.
Not only has their technology helped to prioritize leading edge issues, it also helped to trend the overall health of the site.

From the very outset of collaboration, Nearthlab’s meticulous and personal approach has helped ensure that
we are well-placed to carry out inspection activities, meeting the highest efficiency, quality and safety standards.
We feel privileged to be carrying out blade inspections using Nearthlab’s highly advanced technology,
whilst working with its team that is there to support us whenever and wherever.

Nearthlab’s autonomous software lowered the entry barrier for drone inspections,
enabling new pilot trainees to conduct wind blade inspections efficiently, precisely and repeatedly, in a matter of a few days.
Nearthlab was able to inspect seven 65m blade turbines in 3 hours and
15 minute and we have been impressed with their professionalism and continued development efforts.